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re--volution: Kaden by Jubblier re--volution: Kaden by Jubblier

Name: Kaden Kimura
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs
Birthday: September 03
Star Sign: Virgo
District: Kyuujuuminku
Education/Occupation: Culinary college student in Ooi/grocery store attendant

Tattoo: N/A
Allmate: Raisin, male striped skunk
:bulletpurple: Raisin was a gift to Kaden from his older brother when they first moved in together in an attempt to get him to level out and gain some confidence. Raisin can be just as blunt as Kaden, but doesn't show the same remorse for doing so. He can even be a little mean to Kaden, but it's never taken so seriously by his owner. The two enjoy sitting quietly and observing the passersby, and make a game of trying to guess what their jobs are and their generic histories.

:bulletpink: Gentle and sweet
:bulletpink: A bit of an airhead, daydreamer
:bulletpink: Bit of a perfectionist when working
:bulletpink: A little awkward, but always tries to be friendly
:bulletpink: Low self confidence, but does his best to try to curb it
:bulletpink: Reliable

Kaden often views himself as an outsider, which he is totally fine with unless someone proves him otherwise and brings him in. If he sees someone particularly interesting, he might work up the courage to start the conversation, but will always be a little edgy on the first meeting because he's nervous he'll say something stupid. When he's nervous, he can blurt out blunt things that might insult, and will be quick to try to back-step if he can. He doesn't harbour any ill will towards anyone in particular and likes to see the best in people. When he warms up to people, he's very giving and loyal. Expect desserts and treats if you're on the good list.
Kaden takes everything very lightly except when he's working at school. He would like to work at an official kitchen or bakery of some sort, but he doesn't think he's qualified to do so yet. Plus, Ryan (his older brother) usually advised against it since there aren't any particular ones in the area that he would recommend. Needless to say, Kaden goes along with what Ryan says. His brother is paying for his education and housing for the most part after all.

:bulletpink: Bad jokes
:bulletpink: Taking Pictures
:bulletpink: Decorating desserts
:bulletpink: People watching (observing from the outside and making little stories for them. Very awkward when he is caught doing it.)

:bulletpurple: Uniforms
:bulletpurple: Being home
:bulletpurple: Public transportation. He likes to walk everywhere if he can

Kaden is a native to Japan, however his parents were fanatics of American culture at the time he was born, thus he was given a name they'd picked out from there. Often he would be left alone with his older brother and a neighbour to check in twice a day when his parents took frequent trips to America, to see the sights, live the life, and they always seemed bummed out to come home. When both children had gone over the ages of 18, their parents' trips became longer and their time in Japan became exponentially shorter than their time back in the west. They'd even bought a house there to spend their time at. When they did come home the father was distant and gruff, while the mother simply wouldn't stop talking about all of the things they had back in the US. Kaden began to find it more stressful than anything to have them home. Their parents send money every once in awhile, but both brothers still need to be employed to keep it stocked and cared for.
Living with his older brother, Ryan, proved difficult to adjust to since his older brother was like him, except plenty more distant and quiet, like their father. Kaden grew up feeling secluded from him, thus spent most of his time outside or at cafe's, anywhere he could linger without being kicked out. When not in school, he works at the same small grocery store that his brother does, restocking the shelves or minding the counter. His brother is in charge of plenty more in the store, so income isn't much of an issue. It was easier to organize it so they both worked in the same place since Ryan could drive them both home at the same complete silence, of course.
He isn't the best rhymer in the world, but he doesn't mind a match here and there. He's not in it for the competition, but he does enjoy a game from time to time. He learned more about rhyme when he went to college, his first game being with someone he'd seen in class before. Luckily they were very patient with him and taught him the ropes. Putting Raisin in a battle situation made him extremely nervous for his companion, but he was reassured plenty of times that no real harm would come to him. After getting used to how the game worked, he was more apt to join in and play, but never in large doses. He could play, but he didn't quite have the fast thinking to play for a long period of time. Keeping up with the action is exhausting in itself, so after a game he likes to sit back and watch others instead.

Ryan: Older brother. He is very distant and keeps to himself, doesn't talk much. Kaden is quite used to it being entirely quiet when they spend time together.
:bulletpurple: Raisin: Although the relationship is a bit awkward and quiet again, the two understand one another and the company is greatly appreciated.

Kaden was entirely delighted to realize the coincidence of Raisin's name when it came to rhyme. If he was ever to make a team, no doubt it would be called Rhyme or Raisin. (GET IT? RHYME OR REASON. HAAAAAAA.)
:bulletpink: Raisin's voice is very deep. Think Michael Clarke Duncan.
:bulletpink: Pink is high up in Kadens favourite colours.
:bulletpink: His walls in his room are plastered with odd photos that he's taken himself. He can't rightly explain why he likes them, except for the fact that they're odd. Whether uncentered or just a weird angle, doesn't really matter.

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